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Persistent problems, however unpleasant they may seem, contain the unprocessed and unexamined thoughts and feelings that, if left alone, keep you from your greatness.

That's why the pain, emptiness, and longing you feel can be your greatest gift.  It can motivate you to examine parts of yourself that have been overlooked, forgotten, or hidden.  It's the irritant of the sand in the oyster, which is the impetus for the pearl.

In walking the conscious life path, you reveal YOUR deepest reality, layer by layer. YOU come home.

Dr. Jennifer Howard from Your Ultimate LIfe Plan



As our lives unfold, we’re challenged mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Seeking direction and healing from outside ourselves often assists. 

PSYCHOTHERAPY can provide a safe environment to focus on the growth and healing required of us to become the best we can be in all roles and aspects of our life.  For close to thirty years, my clients have received an individualized approach on issues such as depression and anxiety, dependencies with alcohol, food, relationships and sex, loss, grief and bereavement, trauma, codependency, intimacy, separation and divorce

In addition to a variety of modalities and interventions, sometimes, medication is included as a treatment option. The decision to include medication as a part of treatment is determined by the client's primary care provider (PCP) or a consulting psychiatrist who assesses, recommends and prescribes.

Primarily, I work with individuals and couples and also provide psychotherapy groups focusing on a specific topic. Currently, I work only with adults, twenty-one years of age and older.

I've been fortunate to have trained with some nationally-known and gifted theorists and trainers in the areas of compulsive behavior, codependency and trauma.

I support the concept of evidenced-based mental health treatment and short-term, solution-focused treatment.  Additionally though, I believe some clients evolve and heal best with long-term, in-depth psychotherapy which takes both time and commitment. 

In addition, I've come to believe there's more going on in the psychotherapy process than we're able to see or fully comprehend.  It is beyond evidence-based data and also effects therapeutic outcome.  Subtle energy in "the field" between therapist and client contributes to healing and growth as does humor, mutual respect and holding one another in high regard. 

Some clients resolve their goals and issues within several months while others, over several years.  Some clients prefer long-term treatment and benefit a great deal from such an approach.  The frequency of sessions is determined by the client and therapist with goals in mind and, a realistic view of other life stressors and commitments which the client faces.

It's sometimes very useful for the therapist to communicate with the client's primary care physician (PCP), other collateral therapists or, even family members, in order to create a full assessment of client needs and best treatment plan.  Any communication outside of the therapy office can only be done with the verbal and/or written permission of the client because confidentiality is a foundational premise of psychotherapy.

I find I learn a great deal from my clients and honor the client-therapist relationship.  Over these many years in practice, I've found the work of healing, growth and personal transformation to be a sacred process.





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