Soulful Breathwork is called many names including Rebirthing, Conscious Breathing, Pranayama, and transformational Breathwork. While the names are different, each style uses a different technique, but the goals are basically the same: to bring about healing using the breath. Healing occurs within the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual levels.

Practiced for thousands of years, conscious breath has been used to heal trauma, bring about wholeness and connect to universal consciousness. This modality was lost to western societies until the 1970’s with the work of several key individuals including Leonard Orr, Sondra Rey, Bob Mendelson and Stan Grof.  A resurgence of breath work is now once again practiced throughout the world.


RICH BREATHING is the name I've given to the transformational healing process often referred to as Soulful Breathwork or Soulful Breathing. I learned this powerful yet, simple practice, from Christian de la Huerta*, a gifted teacher engaged in this practice for nearly thirty years.

Soulful Breathing may be a powerful adjunct to the psychotherapy process.  While psychotherapy heals via verbal means and access to insight, Soulful Breathing heals through a non-verbal method outside of the traditional therapeutic office milieu.  This simple and yet, powerful  modality is guided while one is reclining in a relaxed, yoga pose and uses the conscious and intentional pulling of the breath to aid in relaxing which then clears away energetic patterns of unresolved emotional issues, cognitive distortions and physical blocks.  By attending to one's own life force energy for a period of time, one opens to healing and new possibilities.

RICH BREATHING sessions are usually two-hours in length and can be experienced  individually or in a group setting.  Groups are currently held in Portland and Kennebunk, ME on a monthly basis.  The fee for this service is currently $20/group session and $100 for an individual session.


*For more information about
Christian de la Huerta and his work, go to: soulfulpower.com


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