Attunement is founded on the premise that the human body is a dynamic, self-healing expression of the deeper spiritual self, and the heart of the Attunement process is connecting and communicating with this essential nature.

Attunement provides a means for balancing the capacities of body, mind and heart with the forces of life from Source.  As a spiritual practice, Attunement is intended to
connect a person more closely to their spiritual source and to open the flow of life current.

Through the Attunement  process there is a very specific opportunity to re-awaken or remember the presence of one’s true Self.  This is indeed a process of remembering what has always been present rather than one of seeking to arrive at or develop this identity. 

Attunement assists in dissolving the struggle that ensures when one is caught in a path of seeking rather than one of being.  As the stress and tension releases, we find that we, in our most essential state, are present, and intricately connected into the fabric of a larger Whole.  We are once again re-membered back to Essential Self.


Working outside of my traditional psychotherapy practice, I am a practitioner of Attunement.  I received training in this modality through Andrew Shier, a man who has lived and practiced Attunement for close to forty years.

Attunement is another modality which can augment traditional psychotherapy. Whereas psychotherapy focuses on verbal and mental processes to help gain insight and support behavioral change and cognitive realignment, Attunement is a non-verbal process.  Out of the stillness of an Attunement session, the flow of a subtle energetic circuit is directed from the practitioner to the client. 

Attunement supports the idea that we have the ability to heal ourselves especially when given a gentle “push” in the right direction.  This perspective is not unlike that of the chiropractor, the osteopath or the homeopathic specialist.

Similar to Reiki, Attunement is a healing art which assists in the restoration of balance and health.  It is a non-touch and occasional light touch modality in which the vibrational fields of the practitioner and the client are allowed to blend.  Focusing through the hands of the practitioner, this “sharing of Attunement” deepens one’s connection with a core of inner stillness and peace, setting a climate for healing and renewal.

In Attunement technique, the endocrine system plays a key role in awakening, maintaining, and strengthening the physical-spiritual connection.  Opening the energy flow through the seven endocrine glands promotes health and balance on the physical, mental, emotional and, spiritual levels. 

Attunement sessions are best done with the client resting on a massage table and covered with a light blanket.  Sessions can be done in a sitting position if that is preferred.  Attunement sessions are approximately one hour in length.

                                         The fee for Attunement is $60

One of the outcomes of sharing in the Attunement process is that of balance. The state of balance being referred to here is the state known when the forces in the body are balanced with the forces of life from Source.  Given the nature of most of our lives, the levels of stress, strain, and tension that have built up in our bodies over time tend to coalesce into a pattern of dissonance that leaves us feeling imbalanced and out of kilter. 

Allowing these tension patterns to dissolve and release is the work of Attunement.  And, although it can seem at times that we are focused on trying to bring only the physical body back to a state of health, including the capacities of mind and heart during the process is equally as crucial.  Because the body’s natural forces are already aligned to the forces from Source, what is actually occurring during the Attunement process is reconnecting with the natural state of homeostasis that inherently resides within.

(from the writings of Nancy Frederick, homeopathic specialist, educator and advanced Attunement practitioner and Andrew Shier, Attunement educator and master Attunement practitioner and author of Attunement, A Way of Life, 2007.

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